Elaine Chelton performed the Ravel Sonatine with just the right kind of quiet shimmer
NY Times

Elaine Chelton, the piano soloist in Who Cares, makes the Gershwin melodies swing.
NY Times

Elaine Chelton altered the piano to produce new and magical sounds in Sonatas & Interludes and played with extra clarity.
NY Times
From the pit, pianist Elaine Chelton had a wondrous sense of tranquility as she intoned this most marvelous of Shostakovich's melodic inventions from the andante movement of Concerto No.2.
Oberon's Grove

Elaine Chelton was the extraordinary pianist in Allegro Brillante.
The Washington Post

Elaine Chelton, the pianist in Robbins' The Concert, is a cross between Borge and Harpo, as she exudes charm and charisma, in full pantomime persona. She chased the dancers with a butterfly net, hopping about, glancing at the crowd. Her musicality in the Chopin score is unparalleled.
Dr. Roberta Zlokower/Roberta on the arts.

GOD'S COUNTRY has all the charm and polish of an old-style Broadway musical with a contemporary heart. True of the wonderful score by Elaine Chelton whose sound blends Irish music with soaring ballads, honky-tonk riffs and jigs.
Sarah Tuft - Usher Nonsense/Reviews

Johnke & Chelton have created one of the most mesmerizing new musicals to be seen this season.
Dr. Roberta Zlokower/Roberta on the Arts

Voted one of the top ten best theatre productions in 2006 Dayton, Ohio. This is an appealing tale of love in bygone New York. It has a breezy melodious score.

Jones' charming lyrics and Chelton's lilting melodies combined for a gem-filled score that grew more infectious with each scene.
Dayton City Paper